Step 4: Secure Tuition Assistance and Other Funding

Image depicting receiving money to help pay for school

In this step, review the requirements for participating in the Navy Tuition Assistance (TA) Program and complete the automated TA Policy and Procedures training via the My Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it Module. You will also submit your WebTA Application via the My Education Module.

Before you request tuition assistance, estimate expenses not covered by Navy TA.

Plan for Expenses like Books, Fees, and Transportation

The Annual Class and Funding Planner can help you create a “big picture” that captures many of the out-of-pocket expenses you may incur during the pursuit of your education. The Scholarship Tracking Job Aid small square with diagonal arrow extending from it can help you track the dozens and even hundreds of scholarships and grants that can pay for your education and you don’t have to pay it back, starting with the PELL Grant on the FAFSA web site.

Understand Tuition Assistance and Other Funding Options

Apply for and Secure TA Funds

Note: It is highly recommended you submit and seek command approval of your WebTA Application at least 30 days in advance via the My Education module. Per NAVADMIN 219/16, all WebTA applications must be submitted and command approved no later than 14 days prior to your term start date. On our home page, there is an article, entitled "Navy's Tuition Assistance Command Approval Time Line" that provides a sample calendar to assist you.
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Use TA Funding to Enroll in Classes

After the VEC authorizes your WebTA Application, a voucher is generated. Print, sign and forward the authorized TA voucher to your academic institution for payment. Enroll in your classes at your school during the school enrollment period.

Ensure you have the authorized TA voucher before the start of the term.

Navy TA does not pay for books or fees. Therefore, Sailors are encouraged to explore other funding options to assist with these expenses such as using grants/scholarships to pay for books and fees.

When a Sailor has used all of their TA allocation for a fiscal year, the other funding options could be used to also pay for classes.

Explore Alternate Education Funding Options

There are other education funding options than just tuition assistance. The Navy sponsors several programs you may consider as an alternative for your funding needs. Service members enrolled in many of these programs are not eligible to use tuition assistance at the same time.

Once you have applied for Tuition Assistance and any other necessary funding, you are ready to execute your plan and move onto the next phase of achieving your goals.

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