Base Access

Base Access

Commanding Officers or Officers-in-Charge of Navy installations who receive base access requests directly from academic institutions (AIs), should direct those AIs to the Academic Institution section and have them submit their base access requests per the instructions below.

General Instructions for Academic Institutions and Commanding Officers

Academic institutions desiring access to any Navy installation must use the Academic Institution (AI) Portal to request visitation. Requests must be approved by the Navy College Region Advisor prior to each visit. Base access requests should be submitted no later than 14 calendar days before the visit date if possible.

Base/installation access requests are governed by provisions of the DoDI 1322.25, which contains required criteria for approval or disapproval of these requests. Normally, academic institution access to bases and installations will be granted for the following four purposes only:

  • Visiting with currently enrolled students
  • Providing academic counseling for currently enrolled students
  • Participation in base-sanctioned education fairs
  • Participation in other base-sanctioned events where the AI sponsors the event. AIs must ensure no commercial solicitation of students takes place, and comply with the other requirements of the DoDI 1322.25, enclosure (3), paragraphs 3f(1) through 3f(5), and paragraph 4 as directed by the Navy College staff and/or installation Education Services Officer.

For more information regarding base access policies and procedures, see the following:

On-Base Schools

The Navy invites colleges and universities to teach classes on-base at times most convenient for Service members. Courses are offered, often in accelerated terms, at the vocational/technical, associate, bachelor, and graduate level. Completed courses count for credit toward a college degree or vocational/technical certificate. For more information regarding on-base schools, review the On-Base Schools page.

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