Command Approvers

Command Approver (CA) Responsibilities

Command Approval is the review and approval process prior to a Sailor’s Tuition Assistance (TA) or NCPACE application going forward for NCVEC authorization.

TA/NCPACE Command Approver Checklist

Commands must verify the following for Sailors seeking TA/NCPACE funding:

  • Have been onboard one year at the first permanent duty station or granted a waiver by the CO and OIC.
  • Are serving at the TA or NCPACE eligible command on active duty through the last day of the course term.
  • Have passed the most recent Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) or received a waiver.
  • Have passed most recent advancement exam, if applicable, and are recommended for advancement or promotion.
  • Have not received a NJP within 6 months or are not pending administrative separation.
  • Are not under instruction in initial skills training or in a duty under instruction (DUINS) training status.
  • For Active Duty IAs/OSAs/GSAs – that they will be assigned OCONUS for the duration of the course term.

Command Approver Proctor Certification

Sailors who enroll into NCPACE are required to provide the name and contact information of a command approved exam proctor with their application. If the Command Approver is endorsing a Sailor’s application, they will be asked to certify the proctor listed.

Proctor Responsibilities:

  • Secure handling and storage of the exam package to ensure neither test compromise nor exam loss occurs.
  • NCPACE exams are controlled items.
  • The designated proctor shall follow the guidance provided by the academic institution included with the exams.
  • Exams should never be copied for any reason.
  • Report any lost exams to the academic institution immediately.
  • The exam package is the property of the academic institution; therefore, the proctor must return all exam packages (whether completed or not) to the academic institution at the end of the term.
  • The identified proctor should not be attending or plan to attend the listed academic institution as they may be prevented from enrolling in courses previously proctored.
  • Academic institutions may have their own specific guidelines for proctor selection.

If the Command Approver does not approve of the proctor listed, the application is rejected back to the Sailor to update their application.

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Updated: November 12, 2020