Region Advisors

Region Advisors

CONUS Region Advisors

The Region Advisor (RA) serves as the on-site education advisor to the Regional Admiral and to Navy Installation Commanding Officers and Officers-in-Charge of Navy Activities and Units. The VOLED RA is responsible for providing Admirals, their staffs, and Commanding Officers with advice and assistance in planning, developing, implementing, and managing a unit's VOLED program and services. Additionally, the RA works with commands to ensure academic institutions visiting Navy installations are approved in accordance with DoD Base Access Requirements. RAs monitor an academic institution's activity on an installation directly or with the assistance of on-site command personnel.

VOLED Region Advisor Offices

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Specific Duties

A Region Advisor:
  • Ensures the Navy installation Commanding Officers (COs) on the assigned base, or bases, are in compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD), Secretary of the Navy and Chief of Naval Operations VOLED policies. Works with Regional Admirals, the COs or their representatives to develop, implement, and manage VOLED programs, services and policies, as well as strategies to market them, at the installation/facility/command level.
  • Oversees services provided by the on-base colleges and universities and any schools visiting a Navy installation per established Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement (MOU/MOA). Collaborates with academic institutions to oversee the development and delivery of adult education programs and services on Navy installations and facilities. Monitors academic institutions' compliance with DoD, DON and installation MOUs.
  • Serves as the approval authority for an academic institution's request to visit a Navy Installation. Directly or with the assistance of on-site Base personnel, monitors the academic institutions' compliance with DoD base access procedures. Ensures academic institutions meet all DoD and Navy policies to operate on or visit a Navy installation and are completing the Base Access Request forms and complying with follow-up requirements once the visit to the base is completed.
  • Provides installation COs advice on monitoring the operations of National Testing Centers.
  • Develops and oversees a recurring seminar program for teaching/training the new military Education Services Officers (ESO) at the tenant commands on the installation which is designed to teach military ESOs about DON VOLED programs and the ESO's duties in serving as an education command representative.
  • Maintains liaison and collaborates with academic institution representatives in the delivery of programs and services and keeps them appraised of DoD/DON VOLED policy changes.
  • Assists with coordinating Base Education Needs Assessments for assigned bases to determine which schools and education programs should be located on and taught on bases.
  • Works with DoD institutions contracted to conduct DoD third party reviews of base education programs and education programs of the academic institutions providing services to Sailors. Prepares standard operating procedures, base-specific education instructions, and supporting materials required by the contractor. Resolves any issues identified by the third party review.
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