Information for Sailors

This section provides detailed information specifically for Sailors and expands upon the topics introduced in The VOLED Process section. If you have not reviewed that section, it may be helpful to do so, and return here as needed.

In this section, you will find information about selecting an education path, degree plan, and school; counseling with the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC); pre-college and entrance exams; and funding available to you. These resources will help you start your educational journey and work towards your personal and professional goals.

Before You Start Your Journey

Explore items to help you choose and prepare your path towards higher education, a new career, or both.

Navy College Education Counseling

To establish and solidify your plan and secure tuition assistance, meet with a Navy College Education Counselor at the NCVEC.

Getting into the College You Want

From credit transfers to entrance exams, items in this category will help keep you on track.

Navy College Program Tri-fold Flyer – 6 July 2018

NETPDC Fact Sheet – 21 June 2018

Paying for School

Learn about available funding options to help pay for school.