Instructor Requirements



The NCPACE contractor will endeavor to provide your command with a qualified civilian instructor to meet command requirements.

Active duty members may be employed as instructors if all credentialing requirements have been met and they have written approval from their Commanding Officer (CO). CO approval may be given only after consultation with an Ethics Counselor and in circumstances where it is clear that no laws and no DoD or U.S. Government instructions, regulations, or policies might possibly be contravened and no conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest will result. Active duty members are compensated for any courses they teach.

Instructor Berthing

Contractor personnel will be provided Officer’s berthing/quarters. If Officer’s berthing is not initially available, instructors shall be provided Chief’s berthing/quarters on a temporary basis until space in Officer’s berthing becomes available. The Navy will make a good faith effort to promptly place all instructors in Officer’s berthing/quarters as quickly as possible. If Officer berthing is not available, instructors shall be provided a secure locker/storage area for books, book money, tests, materials, etc., and a space to conduct counseling and administrative tasks.

Instructor Messing

Contractor personnel shall have access to Officers’, Chiefs’ and crew messing facilities. Commands participating in NCPACE IL may maintain a running account of mess bills incurred by contractor personnel during performance of services. After NCPACE services are completed, the command will request payment from the contractor for mess bills consumed by contractor personnel.

Instructor Medicals

The contractor shall employ only medically fit instructors as defined by COMUSFLTFORCOM/COMPACFLTINST 6320.3B or most current version. All instructors shall have a current physical examination (except for active duty instructors). At the conclusion of the physical exam, instructors shall have the attending physician complete USFF/CPF FORM 6320-1 (Aug 2013) or most current version. The contractor will provide this form to the command’s Senior Medical Department representative for approval. Clearance from the ship’s Senior Medical Department Representative is required prior to embarkation aboard U.S. Vessels.

Instructor Travel

Instructors may meet a command at their homeport or port of call. In order to send an instructor overseas, a travel clearance must be obtained from the country and theater. The command will coordinate with the NCPACE contractor to provide embarkation information and Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) will submit the travel clearance request. Sufficient lead time is required in order to submit and receive a travel clearance approval. At the completion of the assignment, the command will coordinate disembarkation with the contractor.

NOTE: If a ship is located at other than homeport, please utilize the SIPR address ( for transmission of embark/debark information.