NCPACE Instructor Led (IL) Command Steps


The following steps focus command responsibilities to participate in NCPACE IL. These steps should be completed in order. Note: you must submit required documentation at specific points in the process.

For more information about the entire Voluntary Education process, see The VOLED Process on this site.

Step 1: Review the NCPACE Website and Determine Eligibility

Calendar Icon 90 days prior to planned term start date

Review the NCPACE section of the Navy College Program website for both command and Sailor eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Command identifies an NCPACE Command Coordinator and an NCPACE Implementation Team

Calendar Icon 90 days prior to planned term start date

Once command eligibility is determined, the command will identify an NCPACE Command Coordinator and an NCPACE Implementation Team to run NCPACE IL. They will administer the program with active support from Department Heads, Division Officers, Leading Chiefs, and Leading Petty Officers. The NCPACE Implementation Team should consist of, at a minimum, the command ESO and two Sailors in grade E7 or above. These individuals are responsible for the coordination and implementation of the NCPACE Program as well as providing NCPACE mentoring and examination proctoring services. – NETCINST 1560.3, 20 January 2011.

Step 3: Review Instructor Led (IL) Planning Tool and Select Course Track

Calendar Icon 75 days prior to planned term start date

Review the NCPACE Instructor Led Planning Tool and select a course track – English, math or history/government based on command interest. Set term dates.

Step 4: Publicize NCPACE IL Program and Requirements

Calendar Icon 75-60 days prior to planned term start date

Publicize the NCPACE IL Program to your command to include course(s) to be offered, proposed term dates, class meeting times, textbook purchase, etc.

Advise Sailors on requirements to participate in the program.

Step 5: Pre-register Sailors

Calendar Icon 45 days prior to planned term start date

Pre-register/sign-up interested Sailors who have met all requirements to participate.

If there are any course prerequisites, Sailors will need to provide proof to their NCPACE Command Coordinator and course instructor. Students serving on active duty are exempt from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Entrance Examination that is listed as the prerequisite for most NCPACE IL English and math courses. Sailors who need assistance in choosing a course should contact a Navy College Education Counselor.

Step 6: Complete and Submit IL Request Message

Calendar Icon 45-30 days prior to planned term start date

Once you have screened your Sailors to confirm eligibility and have enough to meet minimum ordering requirements, download and complete the NCPACE IL Request message template and submit to the addressees on the template.

For deployment programs, commands should request enough terms to meet their deployment schedule. Reconfirm the enrollments in follow on terms (Terms 2, 3, etc.) 30 days prior to the requested start date.

Step 7: Instructor Embark and Material Loadout

Once the command’s IL request has been reviewed and approved by Paceorders, the NCPACE Contractor, Central Texas College, will make contact to discuss instructor embarkation and material load out. If the instructor will not be embarking at the command’s homeport, the contractor will need information in order to submit a travel clearance request for the instructor and mail textbooks if needed.

Step 8: Start Term and Monitor Classes

On the first day of the term, monitor the classes to ensure those Sailors that pre-registered for the classes show up to fill a seat or indicate that they are dropping the class. The add/drop period is through the completion of the 3rd class meeting. The command should strive to ensure that the 10 student per class/section minimum is met.

For any students adding into a class, ensure they have met all requirements (NAVADMIN 243/17) to include, training, counseling and education plan.

Sailors will officially register for the course on their first day of class. They may purchase their textbooks in advance on their own by following the guidance or they may purchase their materials on the first night of class from the instructor. Sailors may also purchase e-Books. Guidance for purchasing and downloading e-Books can be found here. Sailors will need to plan ahead if they will be purchasing e-Books as they will need an internet connection to download the materials prior to the first class. If they will be deploying, they will want to download the materials before they leave.

At the completion of the 3rd class meeting, submit NCPACE IL Final Roster using the available template and with information provided by the instructor.

Step 9: Term Completion

At the end of the term, submit the NCPACE IL Completion Roster using the available template and with information provided by the instructor and complete the NCPACE surveysmall square with diagonal arrow extending from it.

The instructor will provide the Sailors with a paper grade report at the completion of the course. Once the instructor’s rosters are processed by the contractor, grades will be uploaded into Sailor’s education records available in My Education and they will also post to their Joint Services Transcript (JST) at the Academic Courses section.