Command Approval Requirements


Command Approval is a review and approval process prior to NCPACE DL application authorization (funding). Your command approver must be your CO or By Direction Authority. When completing the NCPACE DL application, enter the designated command approver's email as well as the designated command proctor's contact information. Per NAVADMIN 243/17, the NCPACE DL application must be command approved electronically between 120 and 14 days preceding the academic institution’s published term start date. Your command approver will verify that you:

  1. have been onboard one year at the first permanent duty station or granted a waiver by the CO or OIC before using TA (NAVADMIN 190/14).
  2. are serving at the NCPACE eligible command on active duty through the last day of the course term.
  3. have passed the most recent Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) or received a waiver.
  4. have passed the most recent advancement exam, if applicable, and are recommended for advancement or promotion.
  5. have not received a non-judicial punishment (NJP) within six months or are not pending administrative separation.
  6. are not under instruction in initial skills training or in a duty under instruction (DUINS) training status.
  7. For IAs/OSAs/GSAs – that you will be assigned OCONUS for the duration of the course term.

Additionally, the command approver will certify the name and contact information of the proctor that is listed on your NCPACE DL application.

Sailors need to be aware that an NCPACE DL application is not funded until it is authorized by Navy College, which will generate an NCPACE DL voucher. An email notification is sent after command approval and another is sent after authorization. For any questions or issues, contact the NCVEC immediately.

NOTE: Qualifications and Sailor duties always take priority over voluntary, off-duty education activities.