Reimbursement and Waivers


This section contains information about reimbursement to the Navy and applying for an NCPACE Distance Learning (DL) waiver. If you are an educational institution looking for NCPACE DL billing and invoicing information, see the Academic Institutions section.

NCPACE DL tuition funding is paid directly to the institution to which you submit your NCPACE DL voucher. Your educational institution uses an online system (called iRAPT) to generate an invoice for your tuition, and another (called AIM) to report your grades. Generally, a student receiving NCPACE DL funding will not be involved in the NCPACE DL collection process. However, if you receive a failing grade (D or lower for undergraduate and C or lower for graduate) you must reimburse your NCPACE DL funds.

Reimbursement to the Navy for NCPACE DL Funding

If you receive a "collectible grade," the NCMIS system generates a letter of indebtedness sent from NETPDC TA Accounting department to you via your Commanding Officer. You can then pay for the course with a cashier's check or money order (see below for address) or allow the collection to process through a military pay deduction. If payment is not received in a timely manner, the indebtedness will be collected through a pay deduction by Defense Finance and Accounting Services. Your NCPACE DL/TA eligibility will not be reinstated until the payment has posted to your record.

The following are considered "collectible grades" and require repayment:

  • undergraduate level (D) or lower grades
  • graduate level (C) or lower grades
  • non-passing (N) grades
  • incomplete (I) grades in effect longer than six months
  • voluntary withdrawal (W) grades without a waiver

To pay a reimbursement via money order or cashier's check, make it payable to "US Treasury" and mail it to:

Commanding Officer
NETPDC TA Accounting N83
6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, FL 32509-5241

No personal checks or credit cards accepted. (Note: Money orders and cashier's checks should include the Sailor's name and applicable course which is reimbursed.)

For more information regarding NCPACE DL reimbursements, contact the TA Accounting Office at 1-877-838-1659 Option 6 or Commercial 1-757-492-4684 Option 6 or DSN prefix: 492. For online help submit a Help Requestsmall square with diagonal arrow extending from it and select the category "TA/NCPACE DL Grades and Billing."

Navy College Policy Waiver Information

There are two types of waivers, Involuntary Withdrawal or Navy College Policy. Waivers may be granted for specific situations. Be sure to submit your waiver documentation to the correct review department.

Waivers for Involuntary Withdrawal (W) Grades

If you receive a "W" grade, you can request a waiver of the reimbursement via your chain of command. The withdrawal must be for one of the following reasons:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  • Temporary Additional Duty (TAD)
  • Emergency Leave
  • Operational Commitments
  • Hospitalization

To receive a waiver, use a Help Requestsmall square with diagonal arrow extending from it to upload a letter on command letterhead that is endorsed and signed by a member of the command triad. Be sure to select the TA/NCPACE DL Waivers category. If you have questions, contact TA Accounting at 1-877-838-1659 or DSN: 492-4684 (choose option 6).

NOTE: Only "W" grades are eligible for a waiver. If you are unable to complete a course for one of the above reasons, follow your academic institution's procedures to officially withdraw from the course. Sailors are strongly encouraged to keep communication with their chain of command, Navy College Education Counselor, and school advisor when issues arise affecting successful course completion.

Waiver for Navy College Policy

Sailors desiring a waiver to current Navy College policy can submit a waiver request for due process. Waiver approvals/disapprovals are determined on a case-by-case basis and take into consideration individual circumstances. After-the-fact waivers MUST have extenuating circumstances to be considered for review. Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) has final approval/disapproval authority for all Navy College Waiver requests. See the Navy College Waiver Submission Procedures PDF for printable instructions. Navy College Policy Waivers are sent by submitting a Help Requestsmall square with diagonal arrow extending from it and selecting the Navy College Policy Waivers category.

Exceed Fiscal Year Cap Waiver

In accordance with NAVADMIN 127/18, effective 1 June 2018, there is a DoD fiscal year cap of $4,500 per individual. This fiscal year cap applies to both TA and NCPACE DL combined. There are no waivers to this DoD policy. Any changes to this policy will be updated here.

First Permanent Duty Station Waivers (NAVADMIN 190/14)

COs and OICs may approve a waiver to the requirement that you be onboard for one year at your first permanent duty station before using TA or NCPACE. This waiver authority cannot be delegated. Required TA/NCPACE prerequisites are that you:

  • receive education counseling from a Navy College Education Counselor at a Navy College Office or via the Navy College Virtual Education Center.
  • have an education plan approved by a Navy College Education Counselor.
  • receive your command's leadership triad endorsement.

The waiver is granted upon Command approval of the WebTA/NCPACE DL application by CO/OIC.