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Tuition Assistance Steps

Tuition Assistance Steps

The following steps focus on how to submit and receive approval of your TA application. These steps should be completed in order.

For more information about the entire Voluntary Education process, see The VOLED Process on this site.

Step 1: Inform your Command

Inform your chain of command of your interest to start or continue your education. See the Command Approval Requirements page to view the command’s responsibilities to verify Sailor eligibility.

Step 2: Complete Required Training

Sailors are required to complete two online training courses prior to using TA for the first time:  the TA Policy and Procedures training AND the Virtual Counseling 101 training located in MyNavy Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it under the Tuition Assistance tab. These courses are required once per active duty career. However, we strongly recommend completing the training every one to two years as a refresher to stay informed on current TA policy and procedures.

Complete the trainings through MyNavy Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from itor through the Navy College Program Mobile App (Android App, iTunes App). Make sure to retain the completion certificates and upload the certificates as pdf files into MyNavy Education under “Tuition Assistance” > “Upload File.”

Note – IMI Training/IE Issues: TA and Virtual Counseling Training IMIs will not launch when using Internet Explorer (IE) and Virtual Counseling IMI freezes up. Refer to IMI Training and IE Issues 11 Dec 2017 and IE Settings PPT for guidance.

Step 3: Receive Education Counseling, Define Education Goals

Your Navy College Education Counselor will help guide you through the process of selecting a pathway to reach your personal and professional goals. Contact a Navy College Education Counselor.

For more detail on the counseling session see the VOLED Step 2 – Complete Counseling at the NCVEC page on this site.

For more information on finding an education program and school, see the VOLED Step 3 – Research, Select a School, & Develop a Plan on this site.

Step 4: Submit Education Plan, Review with Navy College Counselor

Upload your education/degree plan listing the required courses for your program in MyNavy Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it under "Tuition Assistance” > “Upload File.” When uploading the file, use the school name for "File Name" and the degree and major for “Description.” Contact the NCVEC or OCONUS NCO after you upload your education/degree plan for a plan review and record update.

Step 5: Submit TA Application in MyNavy Education

Once your record has been updated with the required training, counseling, and education plan, submit your TA application in MyNavy Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it. Per NAVADMIN 219/16, all TA applications must be submitted and command approved through MyNavy Education no later than 14 days prior to your term start date. You are allowed to submit your TA request up to 120 days prior to your term start date. Submitting your application early allows sufficient time to resolve any issues and to review and authorize your TA funding in a timely manner.

Automated TA Funding Information:

Step 6: Generate TA Voucher and Send to Institution

After your command-approved TA application is authorized by the NCVEC, a TA authorization voucher is generated. You can print your authorized TA voucher by going to “Tuition Assistance” > “Review Applications” in MyNavy Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it. Print, sign, and forward the authorized/funded voucher to your academic institution for payment.