Step 2: Receive Counseling from Navy College Education Counselor

IImage depicting a conversation between a sailor and a counselor

Your Navy College Education Counselor is here to help guide you through the process of selecting a pathway to reach your career goals. The counselor will help you establish an education plan so you can move along to the next step of your personal and professional journey.

Prepare for Your Counseling Session with a Navy College Education Counselor

  • Organize all the information and research you collected in Step 1.
  • Make sure you have completed the Navy Tuition Assistance training IMI (updated October 2017; replaces the previous WebTA Policy and Procedures course) and the Navy Virtual Counseling 101 training IMI in MyNavy Education: small square with diagonal arrow extending from it*.
    These courses are required once per lifetime/service term. Once completed, the results are recorded immediately in your MyNavy Education record. Retain the completion certificate for your records.
  • Contact your Educational Services Officer (ESO) about your command's specific service requirements.

*Note: Sailors who have already completed the WebTA Policy and Procedures course will not need to complete the new Navy Tuition Assistance training. Sailors who have already completed the Higher Education Preparation (HEP) course will not need to complete the Navy Virtual Counseling 101 course. HEP completion certificates will continue to be accepted until 01 January 2018. Please upload your completion certificate in the MyNavy Education Module.

Note - IMI Training/IE Issues: Tuition Assistance (TA) and Virtual Counseling Training IMIs will not launch when using Internet Explorer (IE) and Virtual Counseling IMI freezes up. Refer to IMI Training and IE Issues 11 Dec 2017 and IE Settings PPT for guidance.

After you have completed the steps above, it is time to schedule your counseling session.

Connect with a Navy College Education Counselor at the VEC or OCONUS Navy College Office

The VOLED process includes two counseling sessions. In the first, you discuss your interests and identify potential institutions or education programs. In the second, your submitted education plan is reviewed.

During the first session you will:

  • discuss future interests, current duties, job aids, and identify checklists to assist you.
  • identify available options and programs and discuss how/when to best use them to reach goals, saving time, money and effort.

To schedule your session, contact the NCVEC or your servicing OCONUS Navy College Office (NCO) at: Contact & Feedback

When you have completed your first counseling session, you will move on to the next phase of the process: researching and selecting a school and developing an education plan. Read more about what will be required during this step in the next section.

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