Step 3: Research, Select a School, and Develop a Plan

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Once you have talked with a Navy College Education Counselor and established your career goals, choose a school that offers your specific degree program. After selecting your institution and degree program, upload your education plan/degree plan to the My Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it module or to the NCP Assistance Center small square with diagonal arrow extending from it

Once the education plan/degree plan is added to My Education, an additional counseling session is necessary to review the plan and add the required code(s) to your record.

Research Schools

Using the school shopping checklist, find and research the institutions that provide the educational programs that fit your career goals. Document the information so you can compare the program details.

Take Required College Entrance Examinations

Entrance exams, such as Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT), may be required if applying for special Navy funded programs (like MECP, STA-21). Most institutions do not require Sailors to take the SAT or ACT to attend. They classify Sailors as transfer students.

In the case of graduate degrees, institutions may require the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), Graduate Record Examination (GRE), Law School Admission Test (LSAT) or teaching certification (PRAXIS). Check with your institution for details.

You can prepare for placement exams using OASC, CPST or Khan Academy.
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Apply for Acceptance at the School of Your Choosing

Each school will have a different method for applying; review the school's website for application requirements and deadlines.

Request Your Official Joint Services Transcript

Once you have applied for acceptance to the school of your choosing, you will need to request that an official Joint Services Transcript (JST) be issued to them. Request an official JST small square with diagonal arrow extending from it from the JST website.

Request Official Degree Plan

All colleges and schools can issue you a formalized degree plan, which is a list of all the courses that will be required as you pursue your degree. This document should take into account any prior college completed and military training from your JST. Some schools will not let you request this until you have been accepted and attended several courses. If this is the case, the school should provide you an unofficial degree plan that lists the expected courses required for you to complete the degree.

Submit Your Degree Plan to the NCVEC/Navy College Office

When you receive the education plan/degree plan from the school, upload it under "My Education Plan" at the My Education Module. Contact the NCVEC to review the plan and finalize your record, which will give you access to the WebTA application.

If you change schools or programs, upload the new plan and contact the Navy College Virtual Education Center for review and record update.

Access the My Education small square with diagonal arrow extending from it module.

After you have submitted your application to the school of your choice and completed the other steps above, you can request tuition assistance funding. Read more about what will be required during this step in the next section.

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